Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome.

Finding out I had Irlen Syndrome changed my life.

As soon as I put on my blue tinted glasses I could see everything in detail, I could see textures and corners and depth. The light didn’t affect my eyes and reading was easier.

I turned to my mum and said “Is this what life looks like?”

My tint is blue. From my understanding everyone with Irlen has the colour that they need to correct their perception, it’s not an eye problem it’s a brain miscommunication. The colour you need is either missing or lacking in the connection from brain to sight. But when I put on my glasses I don’t see blue, I see what you see and now when I take them off everything is yellow and bright and I wonder how I survived so long without them.

Driving now I smile from ear to ear because I am not afraid of the other cars, I can see distances. I don’t squint anymore, it’s so weird to not squint.

I don’t bang into things anymore because I can see how close or far they are. I can see corners!

If I had these glasses all my life things wouldn’t have been so hard; reading, clumsiness, light sensitivity, headaches etc. My parents had me tested for everything under the glaring sun when I was young. I probably wouldn’t have worn them back then but I am so grateful to have them now and can see how they could have helped me with school and life and maybe things would have been better for me. Now they are better, I have them now and I finally see what everyone else sees. 

My GP has never heard of Irlen Syndrome, my neurologist and ophthalmologist both looked puzzled when I asked about it, also not heard of it. So I am here to change that. To make sure people know about it and kids get tested for it because everyone should see the whole world not just slivers. 

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