The boyfriend in your head.

The ideal man in your head is never how it is in real life.

When you are single for a long time you design the perfect boyfriend in your head. 

Mine: blue eyes, dark hair, shorter than me, scruff but not a full beard, speech impediment or a Scottish accent. He would love animals (cats and dogs a must) and food but not be able to cook so he would love my cooking abilities. He would be non-judgemental and maybe have a few mental health issues of his own so he gets it.

He would have a job, any job. He would have a car and enjoy driving to the mountains. He would get along with my parents.

He would love movies and tv and be happy cuddling whilst watching hours of them with me. He would get me little inexpensive gifts when he thinks of me. He would text daily but not overly. He would want to do fun things and go out some of the time.


He would be an amazing kisser.

He would take care of me when I was sick or in pain and he would let me take care of him.

He would make me laugh so hard and find my jokes hilarious.

He would be honest and loyal and kind. 

He would, like me: not want marriage and kids but want to be in a committed relationship with only me. 

He would call me his girl and I would be his and he would be mine.

We would have cute names for each other.

He would never make fun of me or put me down. He would never hit me or push things in the bedroom.

He would never cheat or lie or bail.

We would be madly in love.


This is the fairytale.

This is the boyfread: The boyfriend in my head. 


Do you have one?

What is yours like?

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