I Googled how to get closure and I couldn’t find anything which was very annoying because I had no closure.


I have a big thing about needing closure, from any situation that ended quickly and without answers. I must know why, how, who, when.

I can’t let it go. I become obsessed and do some pretty out there things to try to find the answers.

Dad finds this a silly and useless quality of mine. As closure is so rarely acquired. And is it needed to move on? What if there is no choice?

How do you close the door on something when you still have questions? What if you have OCD and doors need to be closed but you didn’t get the closure you needed to close them and you start to slowly unravel because no-one will tell you why or how or when or who or what.


Looking for closure is exhausting.


A sad part is I found this quote in my studies:

“The idea of closure is no longer seen as being possible for most people. Rather, it’s ‘How do I adapt or integrate this loss into who I am and into everyday life?’”


So how do I adapt or integrate the loss of needing closure?



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