Dreams cost

Dreams cost!

My dream was to have a pool. I always wanted to be able to swim everyday, without sharing and calm down in water big enough to hold me. Floating slows the racing thoughts. Laps work out aggression. Exercises help my aching back and knees and the whole thing helps my anxiety.
So finally after over 20 years I got my dream come true. But it came at a price, two in fact.
My grandfather passing and leaving an inheritance to build my dream and my hair.
The pool never had the right chemicals and the chlorine was always too high, we didn’t know. We took a sample to Penrith to be tested every few weeks and they sold us many chemicals, the last visit even telling us to up the chlorine.
My long curly red hair turned yellow and green and started to fall out in batches. Then it got shorter and shorter and eventually I decided to shave it all off and start fresh.
We got a different company to sort the chemicals, draining the pool a few times but now I swim daily in peace with my short short hair.



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