Rock Bottom

What is rock bottom? What does it feel like? How do you get there and how do you get out?


Everyone is different.

One of my rock bottoms was my second breakdown. I was lost, my whole sense of self was gone. My worth was gone. It was dark and scary and everything seemed pointless. Everything hurt and was numb at the same time. Nothing made sense. I didn’t exist. The walls were pushing in and it felt like there was nothing to hold on to.


I have BiPolar 1 so it is easy to spiral up or down and hard to stop (without meds and professional help). I feel I have hit rock bottom many times but that’s when things got interesting…

When you are at the bottom there is only 2 ways out. Give up or Dig up.


I clawed my way back out of the darkness many times but I couldn’t have done it without helping hands.

My family and a few close friends; one being Lithium. My doctors were great.

But a lot was me. Fighting to survive in a world I don’t often want to be a part of, but I will not let this beat me. I will not let the darkness take over. I am resilient. I am stronger now for rising up from rock bottom.


I know not everyone has the support I have and it is hard to pull yourself up. But you can, you are, just by reading this and other mental health pages.


How many of you have come back from rock bottom?

What was it like down there?

How did you get out?


Please share your stories in the comments section. Let’s support each other and say ”NO” to giving in to rock bottom!


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