Shocking Showers

Some people reading this may find it shocking that there are people that don’t shower every day. I have been in many discussions with BiPolarians / people suffering Depression. They have mostly said that they hate showering, that it is a chore and they will put it off for as long as they can.


Neurotypicals are probably thinking “You don’t shower every day? Why don’t you shower every day? That is so unhygienic. Ewww.”


For us it is very typical not to shower every day and avoid showers for as long as possible. Showering is a chore; first you have to take off all your clothes, then you have to get the water to the perfect temperature, then you have to get in, then you have to wash your hair and soap your body and brush your teeth and wash everything off and brush your hair and then comes the biggest hassle of all which is drying yourself; dry every inch of your body and dry your hair and then having to do something with your hair and then you have to put new clothes on, or just put the same clothes you had on before, but you can’t because they smell because you didn’t shower!

Is it worth the effort?


Do YOU feel that when you are down a simple task like showering is just too much?


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