The cared for becomes the carer

The cared for become the carer.

Hi I’m Natasha and I have BiPolar Disorder. I have written and published 2 books and currently write a blog. Today I need your help.
My family have been taking care of me for 34 years. For the first 20 they closely had to monitor me, get me diagnosed, get me to doctors, psychologists, specialists, make me take my meds and visit when I was hospitalised.
Then as I stabilised they still monitored me but less and less. They care for me and about me everyday.

As my parents get older the roles are reversing. Mum has back problems and her own BiPolar and needs me. Dad has had some surgeries and needed a nurse, me.

Dad has now been admitted to hospital for double pneumonia. It is quite bad and I have visited every day bar one and twice yesterday. I have also been helping mum, our 5 animals and doing extra house stuff plus studying and getting over a cold and severe period pain. All in a week.

The first thing we learn when diagnosed is self care.
I am a caring person by nature and want to take care of everyone but how do I remind myself to take care of me?
Having BiPolar means I need rest times and quiet times and not to over do it. But he is my dad and I adore him and I have to go see him everyday, right?

I am torn between being a carer and caring for myself.
I am no use to him if I fall apart.

BiPolarians I ask you: how do you self care when a loved one needs your care?

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