When She Wants to Die

When my daughter came to me in tears one day and said “Mum can I please just go? I can’t do this anymore” panic raced across my mind. And the ridiculous notion, despite understanding suicidal thoughts and depression, that I would say, “Of course darling, go right ahead,” was just that, ridiculous.


The panic I feel when checking her room in the morning/afternoon. Is she still ok? Suicidal thoughts never far from her mind. If I’m away for a couple of days, what will I find when I return. I try pointing out the good things she has in her life and distract her from the negatives. Sometimes she is too deep into the darkness to hear me. But if I listen and tell her I love her and need her she hears me and has at least one reason to stay and then we can look for more.


Long term depression and suicidal thoughts untreated are dangerous and people need help to get out of it. Talk to someone and please don’t feel suicide is the only option. There are much better options. Ever tried skydiving? Eating a Cheesesteak? Playing with goats? Swimming at 3am?


Just a few better options…


Please share some of your ideas on better options?


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