When to tell…

It’s a struggle having BiPolar (or any mental illness) and knowing when to tell someone is tricky.

On one hand we have nothing to be ashamed of and on the other hand it is our right to not disclose.

And if we had a third hand; let’s be honest, most people would freak out (about BiPolar) or their eyes glaze over or they say they are fine but secretly they are remembering all those reports on the news about that kid with BiPolar that went nuts and stabbed 20 people and how in nearly every cop show the killer has BiPolar.

So when do we tell people?

Starting a new job – Do we tell the boss, even if we are medicated and stable?

Meeting a new friend – do we tell them straight away or wait to see if they are the type to be ok with it?

Dating a new person – do we want them to run before we finish our first date or do we keep it in until they fall in love with us and it’s too hard to just walk away?

When is the right time to tell someone you have BiPolar Disorder? Why is it ok to say “I have diabetes” or “I have epilepsy” but BiPolar and mental illness is still so taboo?

Oh sorry did you think there were answers here?

No I’m putting the question out there because I have no idea…

When do you tell?


2 thoughts on “When to tell…

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on when and if to disclose you have bipolar. I think I have decided to work on a ‘Don’t cast your pearls before swine’ basis, because I can’t help feeling hurt when I tell someone I have bipolar and they have no time to listen to how painful it is at times. I definitely protect myself now by not telling anyone except a few trusted friends I think will get it and care.

    • Thanks for your comment. I keep things on a need to know basis, but sometimes when I meet new people I question myself. Can anyone else add their thoughts?

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