People Always Leave

People Always Leave

In “One Tree Hill” it is said that people always leave. I find this to be true in terms of friends.
I have had friends who use me, friends who get too busy, friends who are too full on leading me to choose to sacrifice my mental health or tell them which leads to them leaving, friends who say they will always be there but lie or forget, friends who can’t handle when I’m not doing well, friends with kids, friends who bully, friends who stay for a while but eventually like all the others leave.

I sometimes have to leave a friendship to put myself first.

I sometimes miss the ones who left. Sometimes not so much.

I have abandoned issues and therefore think everyone will leave without any signs they will and the paranoia leads them to leave.

I often need closure. If someone leaves without saying goodbye or explaining why, I become obsessed with finding out.

Perhaps I have to accept that I won’t have long lasting friendships. And that’s ok.

This is my experience. I’m not saying BiPolarians don’t have friends. Just my own personal experience.

Does anyone else struggle keeping friends?

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