Time Away

Time Away

Having BiPolar and being a carer has brought me to burnout land. I needed a time out from life and wanted to be around farm animals while I relax and recharge.
The “farm” I booked in Hartley has a beautiful setting. Cute little room. The most comfortable firm bed ever! Great little kitchen. Quiet and lovely room.
When I asked the young lady at main house if there was a schedule for seeing the animals she looked at me like I was bonkers and informed me there were chickens and mini ponies around the back and I could go whenever.
So no cows, no goats, no sheep, no emu like the website had said. 🙁
Ponies cute and friendly. And one shlomo, chickens and I aren’t friends. What was the point? How is this a farm stay?

I guess sleep will be the main activity here. But I can sleep at home. I need to be with animals. Ahhhh.


Last night I did some research and found another farm near Oberon that has animals you can interact with but has a 2 night minimum stay.
I emailed the place asking if I could come for the day and pay a bit. The lovely guy on the end of the email said he would ask the owners and get back to me.
At 8am I got an email saying yes I could visit today and the owner was expecting me. Woooo. How exciting.
This trip was about relaxing alone but it was also about having some time with farm animals. So now I get both.
Perhaps next time I will stay directly on the other farm but let’s see how today goes.

4 hours later
There is magic in animals, nature and the kindness of strangers.
100 acres of green lush mountains. The lovely owner greeted me warmly, refused payment and pointed me in the direction of the animals and the feed and let me be. Perfect.
I strolled from one section to another: feeding and chatting to goats and sheep. Attempting to pat a cow and searching for the alpacas.
I walked along the path and saw the cabins that I will stay in when I DEFINITELY come back. I looked at the trees and the green and the 360° views of the mountains. I listened to the different types of birds chattering. I smelled the clean fresh air, I felt the sweat drip down my face and I tasted the water from my bottle.
It was hot out but worth the walk to see this amazing place.
The night before I had written a plan for my own perfect farm and it was like someone had taken that and put it in Duckmaloi.
I went back to the goats, they had been following my every move. I even got fought over and the female went under my legs and tore my pants and I laughed. Now I am on a real farm! Lucky I didn’t wear good clothes. On the way back to the car I saw the deer. She was the most magical thing I have ever seen. She let me pat her and thank her.
I spent a bit more time with the owner and was on my way.

The owners on Duckmaloi Farm let a total stranger come into their property and pat their animals. They have no idea how much they helped me just by being kind. I will always be grateful.

So here it comes, my highest recommendation for anyone who needs to escape their world and enter the most beautiful, magical place in the mountains.
Ask for Steve.
Tell him Tash sent you 🙂

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