Worrier or Warrior?

Worrier or Warrior?

I’m 34 and still worry too much about what people will think. I worry that I can’t please everyone, I worry that I’ll never have a real connection with anyone, I worry that I’m not good enough, I worry I am a failure, I worry that people will see through my fake smile and laughter, I worry noone could ever love someone so broken.

But I have had battles with depression, BiPolar, bullies, chronic pain, evil physical health problems and I have fought. I fight everyday to keep going even when I don’t want to, even when I see no point and even when the pain is so bad that I want to roll over and die.
I fight. I am resilient. I am a warrior.

Most of my battles are with myself. So am I a worrier or a warrior?

I think both. What about you?

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